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Go ask Alice

I think she'll know

5 May 1993
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My name is Becca, I live in New Zealand. I like teh interwebzzz yo. And i'm online nearly everday. Be it because I find my rl friends a pain in the ass. Or because I have no rl friends or something like that. lol. j/k
I hope. :/

Anyway. This journal be friends only, so if you think we have something in common and we might get along, feel free to add me, because I like new people.
But if I come off as mean, arrogant or just plain bitchy, it's because...
Thats the way I usually am. :D I am however funny, so i'm told and i'm inclined to beleive that, and very silly and hyper. So if thats mad cool with you. Then friend away, but be sure to leave me a comment so I know who the heck you are.

peace out :D

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